4 years
Long/Short Haired: 
Long Haired
Adoption Status: 
Kingston Shelter

Lion and White Whiskers were strays that were being cared by a family. After 9 months of slow, gradual socialisation, the pair were ready to come to the shelter to find their forever home.

At the shelter, the pair are clearly close friends. They can often be found snuggled up with each other in one bed. Both boys have only recently been desexed, and had a lot of big mats shaved off. They are solid boys who need a gentle approach.

Lion is a little more confident than White Whiskers. He loves to be pet, and wants nothing more than a cosy spot for him and his pal to snuggle into.


Lion and White Whiskers need to be homed as a pair. They were doted on by their family's children, and would be comfortable living with quiet, older kids. Lion wasn't a big fan of other male cats in the home so would be best to go to home where he and White Whiskers are the only cats.


Lion's adoption fee is $80