16 years 5 months
Adoption Status: 
Being Fostered

Gingergirl was surrendered to the vets to be put to sleep after she began toileting inside. The family were happy to surrender her when the vets presented rehoming Gingergirl as an option. After they ruled out possible medical causes, the vets believe that the inappropriate toileting was due to stress from being handled roughly by the youngest family member.

At the shelter, we have not seen any recurrance of toileting issues, and Gingergirl has already stolen the hearts of many of our volunteers and visitors. She loves to chat and has a lot to say in the mornings! Gingergirl is a huge fan of laps, and will make a beeline to any volunteer who takes a moment to sit down on our couches.

Gingergirl would suit most adult homes without other animals. She may be fine as a mainly indoor cat or as an indoor/outdoor cat.


Due to Gingergirl's age, she is eligible for our permanent foster programme. This means that we will cover the medical costs for Gingergirl for the rest of her life. Learn more about our foster programme here.