Black and white
Between 7 years and 2 years approx
Long/Short Haired: 
Short Haired
Adoption Status: 
Kingston Shelter

Dominic appeared as a stray at a volunteer's home early in the year. He came to us looking like he'd been through the wars. He had conjunctivitis, a healing wound and a heap of scars, as well as being undesexed. Dominic was understandably nervous and shy initially but after a bit of love and attention from our team, he has healed up and really opened his heart up to people.

Dominic is a real home body. He likes his bed and his cage, and he likes to stay where he is comfortable. He loves affection and will purr, dribble, and squeak when you groom him. Dominic is a scruffy boy with a hard and mysterious past who just needs a stable home with a person who can give him the attention he loves.

Dominic would be best suited to a quiet, adult home as an indoor only cat.


Dominic is FIV positive. This means his immune system does not work as it should, and he is more vulnerable to other illnesses. Dominic is desexed, which means his illness is only transmissible by a deep bite wound from another cat. Though Dominic is a very relaxed cat, we can't guarantee the other cats he may encounter in the neighbourhood would be as relaxed. For this reason, Dominic must be an indoor only cat. Because of his FIV status, Dominic is eligible for our permanent foster programme. This means that we will cover all medical costs relating to his illness for the rest of his life. Learn more about our foster programme here.