Tabby and white
7 years 4 months
Adoption Status: 

Buffy was taken to a vet clinic to be euthanised due to her history of toileting inside. During the time she was toileting inappropriately, no vet advice had been sought. The vets refused to euthanise Buffy, and instead arranged to have her come to the shelter to find a new home and a fresh start.

While she was at the vet, and now at the shelter, we have not seen any of the inappropriate toileting behaviours that Buffy displayed in her previous home. After ruling out medical causes, we believe that Buffy's toileting issue was likely due to stress within the home.

Buffy is a small, sweet girl with the softest fur you'll ever touch. She prefers to stay in the comfort of her own cage, but welcomes human visitors with loud purrs and headbutts.

Buffy would suit a quiet home without other pets or young children. She will need a home where she can have an indoor litter tray.


Buffy's adoption fee is $80